Rock Your Chakra Painting

Location: Audubon Recreational Center
703 Southside Ave
Audubon, IA 50025 (map)

Contact: Emily (


Rock Your Chakra Painting Experience is a brand new concept of combining painting and chakra work together. There is no other class like this!! You will be immersed in a total chakra environment. All your senses will be engaged while you enjoy creating a chakra painting with meaning unique for you. Tami developed this painting experience as a catalyst to wake up all our senses to supercharge the process of clearing and energizing your chakra and can be applied to other blocks that may arise. This technique will be helpful in forgiving yourself for those little mistakes everyone makes during the creative process, loving your creative nature and releasing any fear you may have of painting.


For this initial class, we will be focusing on the root chakra because it’s the base for all our chakra. We need a good foundation to build upon! The painting you create will be personal to you and can be used for your meditation and chakra clearing. Everyone is welcome!! This class is for people of all levels of chakra knowledge, no matter where you are on your journey, come and try a totally new experience!!

This will be the first of a series of chakra paintings concentrating on one chakra per month starting in June with the root chakra and finishing in December with the crown chakra. This series will be at ARC, but is available to be taught at other locations with a minimum number of 10 participants. A Rock Your Chakra painting experience at a location of your choosing!!

This double whammy class is normally $55, but with the "Hometown discount" will be $44 prepaid and is nonrefundable upon purchase. There is a limited amount of spots available. Ticket sales will close 1 day prior to class. Tami needs time to purchase supplies and prepare for your wonderful experience!! If you are interested in hosting a painting experience or have any questions please email Tami at Grab a friend and get your tickets!!

There will also be a limited supply of root chakra jewelry, made by Tami, available to purchase the night of class.

Come early and grab something to eat and drink at The Bull Pin!

You must be 18 or older to attend. Please wear comfortable and paint-friendly clothing. A painting apron will be provided. Tami is not responsible for any paint that may damage your clothing or personal items.

Bring your questions and curiosity!!