Silo the Film-Public Screening

Location: Rose Theater
318 Broadway St
Audubon, IA 50025 (map)


You are invited you to join us for a special community screening of SILO, the first ever feature film about a grain entrapment. SILO isn’t available online, or on DVD, and this event is one-of-a-kind. I hope that you will join us on Wednesday, January 15th, 6 PM at the Rose Theater.

Inspired by true events, SILO follows a harrowing day in an American farm town. Disaster strikes when teenager Cody Rose is entrapped in a 50-foot-tall grain bin. When the corn turns to quicksand, family, neighbors and first responders must put aside their differences to rescue Cody from drowning in the crop that has sustained their community for generations.

SILO has been featured in Progressive Farmer, FarmWeek Now, Sharkfarmer and many more newspapers, magazines, radio shows and podcasts.

American AG Network says “The film speaks directly to our core audience and does a great job at raising awareness of this very real and very dangerous threat posed to farmers.”

World-Grain says, “Throughout the farming community it’s often hard to talk about grain entrapment because so many people have been hurt or killed... the movie will be something that
people can really learn from.”

It’s going to be a great event, and I hope you will join us!

We appreciate you passing this along to anyone who might be interested in spreading the word about this event.


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