$107,719.00 Granted to Audubon County Nonprofit Agencies

posted 4/23/2016 in News

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April 23, 2016                  

$107,719.00 Granted to Audubon County Nonprofit Agencies

Brett Irlmeier, Chair of the Audubon County Community Foundation, is pleased to announce that grants totaling $107,719.11 were awarded to Audubon County nonprofit agencies.

The following nonprofit organizations, which submitted applications to the Audubon County Community Foundation by the February 1st deadline, were awarded grants by the ACCF Board of Directors:




Audubon Community Cinema

Interior and exterior renovations of historic building


Audubon County Agricultural Society

Add permanent concession stand and restrooms to Fairgrounds


Audubon County Conservation Club

Build a maintenance workshop with storage


Audubon Recreation Foundation

Construct recreation center building in Audubon


Exira Community Club

Phase 3 to add storage area and new entrance


All grantees met the criteria as Audubon County nonprofit agencies or organizations with charitable missions in the areas of civic, cultural, health, education and social services.  Only organizations providing services in Audubon County were eligible.

Audubon County agency representatives received their checks on April 10th.  During brief check distribution activities, Irlmeier commended the nonprofit agencies for their individual efforts to provide a better quality of life for the residents of Audubon County.

“Our Advisory Board is pleased to direct $107,719.11 in grants to these important community efforts in Audubon County,” Irlmeier explained.  “The Audubon County Community Foundation is one of nine counties that are collectively known as the Community Foundations of Southwest Iowa and meets or exceeds the Standards for Community Foundations as established by the Council on Foundations in Washington DC.” 

The Audubon County Community Foundation works with individuals, families, businesses and organizations to create permanent funds that address the changing, vital community needs and interests.  Donating to a permanently endowed fund helps your neighbors today AND you help build a stronger community tomorrow.   Not only that, you’ll be eligible to receive a 25% Endow Iowa Tax Credit for each donation, in addition to any Federal tax benefits for which you may qualify.

The Audubon County Community Foundation invests and administers these funds and distributes grants to deserving, qualified nonprofit organizations.  “This has grown from an annual event to twice a year, with one grant cycle in the spring and another in the fall,” said Irlmeier. 

Board members of the Audubon County Community Foundation are:  Chair, Brett Irlmeier of Audubon; Vice Chair, Jonnie Meislahn of rural Gray; Secretary/Treasurer, Barbara Johnson of Audubon; Genelle Deist of Audubon; Jay Nelson of rural Brayton; Daryl Olsen of Audubon; and Joseph T. Rasmussen of Exira.

For information about donating or establishing an individual foundation/fund, please contact any of the Board Members, or call Dennis Nissen, Iowa Foundations Director, at 800-794-3458.

Nonprofit representatives receiving grant awards (left to right):  Greg Jensen, Audubon County Fair Board; Troy Wessel, Audubon Recreation Foundation; Abby Rasmussen, Exira Community Club; Ron Mullenger, Audubon County Conservation Club; Derek Deist, Audubon Community Cinema; Audubon County Community Foundation board members Genelle Deist and Chair, Brett Irlmeier.

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