Planning & Zoning

Audubon County Planning & Zoning
2147 Highway 71
Audubon, IA 50025
Phone: 712-563-4286
Fax: 712-563-2056

Zoning Administrator: Mitch Rydl

Office responsibilities:
The Audubon County Planning and Zoning Department administers and enforces the Audubon County Comprehensive Plan and the Audubon County Zoning Ordinance for unincorporated Audubon County.

Documents available for viewing or download:
Audubon County Comprehensive Plan
Audubon County Zoning Ordinance
Amendment 1A Zoning Ordinance
Construction/Changed Use Permit Fees
Construction/Changed Use Permit Application

Audubon County Zoning Map
Audubon City Zoning Map
Audubon County Zoning Map-Ross
Audubon County Zoning Map-Hamlin